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  Michael Fajans 1947-2006

After completing his bachelor’s degree in art and dance at Antioch, Fajans remained in Yellow Springs for several years. His career as a painter began at this time, with the completion of several large public paintings on local buildings funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, then a remarkable set of murals airbrushed onto the sides of semi-truck trailers. These stunning images and his subsequent public works, as well as nearly all of his individual figural paintings, may be viewed in the “Other Public Art Installations” section of this website.

Fajans relocated to Seattle in 1977, and a steady stream of commissioned public art began to flow from his large studio in the otherwise abandoned upper floors of a nineteenth century building in Pioneer Square. He produced works commissioned by state agencies, hospitals, schools, the Port of Seattle, the Pike Place Market Child Care Center and other organizations. Though the scale of his projects ranged from a single painting on the interior wall of the ferry Sealth to a huge mural stretching down concourse D of the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, each work arose from carefully contemplated concepts relating to the workings of a democratic society and the well-being of its citizens. (next)